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You leap out of bed in the morning to get to the gym before work.

  • Warm up;

  • Sweat it out;

  • Cool down and stretch;

  • Final bliss, a hot shower.

Maybe you don’t like machines. (I don’t.) But you love your free weights. (I do.)

Maybe you like –

  • An aerobics class;

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training for the uninformed);

  • Circuit training (One of my favorites);

  • Kickboxing;

  • Step or spin;

  • Tabata (A type of HIIT);

  • Boot Camp;

  • Yoga;

  • Pilates (yes please.)

Or any combination thereof.

Maybe you’ve settled for long walks. (That would be me for now, with dogs.)

But before you set off with a “hey ho, hey ho as off to work I go,” (for your daily dose of mental stress), you’ve worked out.

Maybe it’s for health, rehab/recovery or working towards a Beach Body (woot woot). A big plus is enjoying the social aspect of being in the company of other sweaty bodies. Regardless of reasons, you are doing your best to keep in shape.

Now the question is, I always have a question, are you doing the same for that part of your body that won’t return to dust? Finding time somewhere?

I’m retired. My time is my own. And I’m a morning person. Thus my mental morning workout goes something like this:

  • Short prayer to get “in the zone.”

  • Read something. As I’m an Oswald Chambers fan it’s usually pretty deep. I have to concentrate. This is where I often end up surrounded by books and bibles and a notebook and as a last ditch, a Concordance. (That wonderful tome that goes back to the Greek and Hebrew meanings.)

  • At this point frantic scribbling results most of the time. But there’s only so long that I can keep it up. So,

  • Pups, halters leads, poop bags, phone (for camera), shoes on and off we go. The world hasn’t woken up yet. Most times we don’t even meet other dogs.

  • At the On Watch monument on the lookout point of the island we settle in on a brick wall and sit.

  • And sit. And sit. And sit. And soak up the peace.

An osprey sits high up on a tree, waiting to fish for the babies back home. A gaggle of geese paddle by. (For those of you who like trivia, I’ve learnt that flock is correct only if the geese are standing around or grazing. If they are flying, it’s called a skein.) Oh the things you can learn…

Sometimes a lone sailboat chuffs round the corner. Its engine soundless as it heads up the river.

I’m grateful for that interval in my self-imposed HIIT mental workout. The world intrudes sometimes. I unfortunately realized I could send myself an e-mail. On my phone. With some brilliant idea that I’m incapable of remembering until I get back to the boat.

The call to reality comes 8.00 a.m. when the National Anthem drifts across the water from the Naval Base. I stand, right hand on my heart and sing or hum along. Which one depends on the pollen count and mold spores of the day.

Mental HIIT completed, I stroll back to the boat, stopping at the dog park to throw some balls and give the pups a run.

Life is good and something I read comes to mind.

Phil: 2-12 …..”work out your own salvation….”

Cyber hugs and blessings all.


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