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(1 James 4:2)

“Please Sir, I want some more?” Little Oliver Twist quivering and shaking as he stands before Mr. Bumble, begging for another bowl of gruel. And for this audacity he was whipped and starved and all kinds of nasty things happened to a sick and starving little boy.

I didn’t like the book when I first read it. Grim, gritty, depressing and totally unacceptable to a Mary Poppins mindset, notwithstanding the happy ending and “good will triumph” message in the end. (Anyone needing a refresher, I did, “Schmoop” has a wonderful condensed version online.)

Back to this “asking” thing. I find it very hard to ask for help and would rather pay someone than accept a favor. I should remember the price had been paid, a long time ago, for all my sins, faults and human stupidities. But this morning the lesson came, as so often, from Joyce Meyer. I was actually on my way to the Gospel of Matthew but the Amplified Bible fell open on Page 1285 and Joyce’s Everyday Article on Ezekiel 22:30. She says: “I actually ask God for intercessors. I petition Him to give me people to intercede for me and the fulfilment of the Ministry to which He has called me.”

My lesson was clear: ASK

And so I’m asking. I’m asking for you to intercede for me and to pray that this journey I’m on will meet with success (and many P.O.P.P’s.) and my message will reach far and wide.

If you feel it in your heart to share or link my Website, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or even just tell people about it, I would be more than grateful. Whether you do, or not, know that I pray for all of you, those I know by name and those I will never meet.  My worldwide

circle of friends. And contrary to little Oliver I know I won’t come away empty-handed.

Cyber hugs all. And blessings more than you can count. But as my friend Nancy Hickman  ( pointed out, as you pray for me, always end with

“If it is what God wants.”


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