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When Stephanie, my daughter, and Amélie, her childhood friend, were small and we were on holiday in Spain, my mantra was –

“Feed them before they’re hungry; put them to bed before they’re tired.”

Once they went into what I termed “Wobbles Hour”, it became a ding-dong battle, often with tears.

Now, why can’t I apply that to myself? Everything, EVERYTHING, is easier when I’m rested. When I go into my “Personal Wobbles Hour,” I become grumpy, irritable and even capable of snarky comments. Fancy that….

There’s the overwhelmed stage. It does NOT creep up, it leaps and lands with its full bodyweight carrying all the baggage you’ve created voluntarily, all by your little self. And the baggage is good stuff. An idea for an article, a catch phrase, a headline or that magical first paragraph.

Tumble Dryer Mind = Mental Fatigue. (Read: What’s in a Name.). Add to this Physical Fatigue as you juggle your day around this mess and your Personal Wobbles Hour is smirking and rubbing its nasty little hands in glee as it waits for you.

Off I went to the One That Matters. “Help, Lord.”

And as always, the answer came before my next breath. “Do what you do best, write. The rest will follow.”

Right. This does not mean heavenly intervention with little or no effort on my part, this means that, as is my nature, I’m rushing things. Trying so hard to work FOR God, (and getting tired) that I forget to spend time WITH God. (The rest I need.)

Matthew 11:28. “Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

Cyber Hugs All and Many Blessings.





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