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“Intercession means raising ourselves up to the point of getting the mind of Christ regarding the person for whom I’m praying.”                       

– Oswald Chambers

There I was, questioned, judged, sentenced and placed on probation. I was given another chance to do it right.

Remember that elephant and his herd I decided to pray for? Well, I did pray, but with the attitude of if I must. I must but dang, I don’t feel like doing it. On top of which I can’t see that it will do any good.

Yikes! Then why bother? Who am I fooling? Maybe myself and the people I tell I’m praying but I’m not fooling God. In fact I’m sure He shook His head at my self-righteous audacity.

Back on my knees and this time I meant it. Whether that intercessory prayer is for that elephant or the country, a friend or a family member, a cause or a deeply personal wish, it’s a cry from my heart.

And when done, I take a deep breath and add,

God willing.

Cyber hugs all and many Blessings.


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