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I’m old school.

I loathe reading electronically.

Ergo, I detest reading on Kindle.

But when you’re traveling, Kindle is a Godsend.

Four print books plus a loaded Kindle, off I went on holiday.

For ten days.

Five days later my print books were history.

With five days to go.

Enter Kindle.


A light bulb went off. A 150 watt one.

I had one print book left. I treat it like a devotional. A few pages at a time.

At night.

Not really a good time for me to read when I’m tired and operating on auto-pilot and a reserve tank.

But it was a PRINT book. With pages you could actually turn. How quaint.

I hauled it out of my bedside drawer and settled into an easy chair outside.

Feet up.

Facing the ocean.

Sea birds crying and wheeling.

Palm fronds rustling in the breeze.

NOT TIRED (This is important…)

And lost myself in –

The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything..

By Father James Martin Yes, THAT father Martin, author of “Building a Bridge” about the LGBT community and the church.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like a good book for company.

I was taught, entertained, amused and horrors upon horrors, forced to think!

Totally engrossed I came to a stop at what Saint Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order, called “examination of conscience.”

Here’s Father Martin’s easy version.


Remind yourself that you are in God’s presence and ask Him to help you with your prayer.

  1. GRATITUDE: Recall anything from the day for which you are especially grateful and give thanks.

  2. REVIEW: Recall the events of the day, from start to finish, noticing where you felt God’s presence and where you accepted or turned away from any invitations to grow in love.

  3. SORROW: Recall any actions for which you are sorry.

  4. FORGIVENESS: Ask God’s forgiveness. Decide whether you want to reconcile with anyone you’ve hurt

  5. GRACE: Ask God for the grace you need for the next day and an ability to see God’s presence more clearly.

I tried to this twice a day and failed miserably.


But at least at night, before I drift off to sleep?

When the Captain is slumbering and the boys have long since been in dreamland?

That I can do.

Palm Sunday is behind us.

In five days’ time it will be Good Friday.

Today is a good time to sneak in an Examen.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All as we start Holy Week.

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