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That was me. The Man upstairs had been awfully quiet for too long.

Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

This time it was Anne Graham Lotz (The late Billy Graham’s daughter) who kicked me in my well-padded rear.

“Have you ever felt as though God has abandoned you? If so go back to the last thing you can remember that He told you and act on it.”

He told me to write.

Ergo, He hasn’t been far. He’s with me when I write. Guiding me on what I write.

Always close.

Always near.

Stupid me just got so used to His Presence that I failed to recognize Him.

I returned to my writing. Embarrassed. Do I really think my ideas and ability to create something stemming from that idea is from my miserable human power and intellect?

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.

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