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When the fire has gone out;

When even the embers are barely glowing;

When the sailing ship that is your life has stalled without wind;

When all the small pleasures no longer bring joy;

When you prefer being alone and avoid company;

When even saying hello and smiling becomes hard;

When the ultimate escape, reading, no longer can save you;

When the day to day drudgery of life gets to be more than you can handle;

When the memories that crowd in are only sad ones;

When the candle that is your life force is flickering and you don’t hear from God, even though you are calling out in anguish;

Then remember:

“God loves us immensely….if you’re ever tempted to feel you have no value, just remember all that Jesus did out of his great love for you.” (Joyce Meyer.)

Then wait, and listen, and finally, in silence, will come a still small voice –

I Kings 19:12
“And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.: (KJV)

And when you candle is once again burning brightly, then go and find someone who needs your light.

Cyber hugs and more blessings than you can handle.


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