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May is rapidly approaching.

I’ll be out of the country for a month.

I do not like leaving things to the last minute.

  • I’m a planner.

  • And list maker.

  • And a calculator of time.

  • And how I spend it.

I’m also aware of my limitations of “get-up-and-go” energy.

I know mornings are my best time for –

  • Writing.

  • Exercising.

  • Studying.

In fact, anything that requires attention and concentration.

Afternoons are for cleaning and knitting and reading and just “being.”

Problem is, the morning only has so many hours. And often my morning intrudes into my afternoons.

When I finally get up from my computer, my brain is mush.

And I still haven’t got through my morning list!

When I booked my home stay with a French tutor in France for the first week in June, I decided to spend an hour a day studying French.

Well yes.

You know that old proverb about the Road to Hell being paved with Good Intentions?

Enter the Poster child.


The fault is mine.

The problem being that I’m unable to limit the time I spend –

  • Writing.

  • Searching for the perfect photo.

  • Listening to endless music videos in my search for the “right” one.

  • Editing.

  • And editing.

  • And editing.

  • Andandandandand…….

French very much became a step child in the worst way.

I found myself frustrated and irritated in my inability to stay within my time frame and planned schedule.

This time it was a quote from Joyce Meyer that made me face the inevitable.

“There’s nothing that the world offers that is worth losing our peace over in order to get it.”

I rolled this around on my tongue

Adapted it to my circumstances.

Realized I liked the taste of it.

And decided I will go to France.

Without having studied in advance.

And enjoy myself.

If I never again master the French language, that’s okay as well.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All. Remember what’s important in life.

And enjoy my favorite Edith Piaf Song…….



Photo by Augustin de Montesquiou on Unsplash

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