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When to ask

We left beautiful St. Augustine in Florida on a perfect spring morning, heading north. At the top of the inlet to the ocean (known in boating lingo as “outside,”) we would turn left into the Tolomato River. (Staying “inside.”)

And on this perfect spring morning, which also happened to be Good Friday, what do you know but there was a huge dredger, doing what dredgers do, at the exact spot where we had to turn left.

Options? Turn left before the dredger or go around and then turn left. The obvious and shortest route was to turn before the dredger. And that option was fraught with danger. If high tide, no problem; if mid tide, you might make it; if low tide, you’d be stuck.

There was a reason that mighty dredger was sitting there. A hefty sand bank had blown in from the south and the dredger was cleaning out the inlet.

The Captain knew these waters and safely took us the long way around, hugging the shoreline with 25 feet of water below the boat. Another boater, unfamiliar with the inlet, contacted the dredger and asked what he should do.

So, when to ask and who to ask.

When? Whenever you don’t know.

Who? Depends what about.

Our boating friend didn’t call his mother-in-law or golfing buddy back home, he called the dredger. And you won’t call an electrician if your kitchen sink is blocked or a plumber if you have faulty wires in your house. And I have a lot more to say about the menfolk in our lives that will drive in circles for an hour but will not stop to ask for directions…..

As for how to handle the “stuff” life throws at you on a daily basis? We have a handbook. It’s called God’s Word, aka The Bible.

Cyber hugs and a thousand blessings on your day.


Now kick up your feet, read Psalm 23 and listen to the music video below.


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