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I’m a woman prepared. I always have doggie-doo bags to pick up doggie-doo.

Lowering his dignity Louie, aka King Louie IV the poodle, carries a small green “earth” container with sweet smelling DD bags.  It’s clipped on to his lead.

This is my standby stash. I always grab another bag or two and stuff those into my pocket. They are for immediate use.

I am meticulous. I’ll repeat, meticulous in picking up DD. Sad to say, not everyone is. If your dog poops and no one sees, leave it. Okay, maybe you didn’t have a baggie (shame on you) or maybe you just don’t care.

But you are pretty vocal should you, or someone with you, step in DD. And having to clean shoes or sneakers or sandals!


Whenever I encounter strange DD I pick it up. I do it without thinking. Sort of like being on auto-pilot.

See DD.

Bend down.

Pick up.

Why not? I have a baggie. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t demean me.

But where’s the lesson in this?

Oswald Chambers again.

“Holiness is not only what God gives me but what I manifest that God has given me.”

And this is how I see it.

Kindness without forethought.

Unseen deeds.

Impulsive actions. (Good ones hopefully.)

The small acts I do without thinking. Surprising myself.

A hug. A smile. A pat on the shoulder. Reaching out to take a stranger’s hand in prayer.  Helping someone handicapped by a walking stick to get their food in a self-service line. Helping a server hold down a table cloth in a brisk breeze.

When I sit back after the act and think,

“My word! Where did that come from?”

It’s the work that God does through me that count, not what we do for Him.

Pretty deep, right?

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.


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