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I CAN do the footwork!

Strong, assertive, positive, confident.

I can “ONLY” do the footwork…

Weak, negative, apologetic, “poor me…”

can teach you to play piano – but I can’t bring you to world-famous level.

can teach you to knit – but I can’t teach you the insider stuff that will win you a prize at the fair.

can teach you to play tennis – but I can’t coach you to professional standards.

can teach you to swim – the crawl, that is. Anything else you’ll have to find a “real” coach.

can teach you the basics of gardening – but you’ll need a landscaper if you want to be featured in Home and Garden.

can teach you to clean house – sort of.

can teach you to apply makeup – ehhh, maybe not.

But I can do the footwork to set you on your way.

So what on earth brought me to reflect on footwork?

Lately, it’s been tough to stay upbeat. This beautiful world of ours is in such an unbelievable mess. And I whined. Had myself a genuine five-carat pity party. It went like this.

“What to do when you feel powerless? You are doing the best you can in your so small circle but you have no impact on the broader circle!”

“Do the footwork. The results are up to God.”


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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