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So there I was, freaking out about the dolphin in the distance stuck in a patch of dead seaweed.


Just how long have I been boating? Dolphins don’t get stuck in seaweed but yet, but yet, there’s always a first time.


As we got closer, the “dolphin” flapped its wings and flew away.

When a dolphin turns out to be a cormorant;

When you cormorant flaps its wings and flies away;

When your tarantula turns out to be a Daddy Long Legs;

When your tiger turns out to be a kitten and your wolf a puppy;

When that growling pit bull mix turns around and licks your hand;

When your humungous problem turns out to be nothing more serious than a yellow-painted speed bump;

When your yellow-painted speed bump turns out to be nothing more serious than a yellow stop line;

So you stop.  After all it’s a stop sign. And you think. Calmly. And that problem that had your heart racing and hands sweating turns out to be, well yes, a problem but nor insurmountable.

Bottom line – None of my seemingly important issues mattered. My dolphin (that turned out to be a cormorant) could swim away; my cormorant could fly away; the dead grasses could be avoided.

Why not take a closer look at your dolphins, cormorant, tarantulas, tigers, wolves and that much maligned pit bull?

Make of it what you want – I have my own spin on this fable, attributed to Aesop.

Cyber hugs and many blessings.

“And don’t start like the old writer of epic cycles:

‘Of Priam’s fate I’ll sing, and the greatest of Wars.’

What could he produce to match his opening promise?

Mountains will labour: what’s born? A ridiculous mouse!”

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