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The question came out of nowhere. What was my subconscious up to now?

I sat. Dumbfounded.

Obviously, I was required to think. Deep thoughts. Happy to share so here we go.

  • What do you do when there are so many things that interest you?

  • How do you trim and prune and isolate that one special thing?

  • How much time do you take doing this?

  • How many mistakes do you make going down winding side paths and bottomless rabbit holes?

And once you find your passion,

How much are you prepared to sacrifice to follow that passion?

  • Will you have to give up friends?

  • A lifestyle?

  • A job? (If practical.)

And has that passion changed through the years?

I had the privilege of taking Pilates Classes this past summer with Jenni. (

This pint-sized half Italian dynamo holds a master’s in nutrition but discovered her passion in teaching Pilates. Much to her father’s chagrin. I can imagine.

Even in Pilates her passion has limits. I confessed how I loathed the Mat Exercises and she said something that stuck.

“I’m passionate about Pilates but when I teach Mat, that’s all I do. I teach. I’m not passionate about it so I feel I’m not good at it.”

She could have fooled me.

So, what are you passionate about? Really passionate?

At ten I wanted to be a classical ballerina.

At eighteen I wanted to be a concert pianist.

After that, there was no real passion. I worked, I got paid, I partied, I traveled, I lived.

One day after the other.

And now, in my twilight years, I’m passionate about being peaceful.

I avoid any form of controversy.

I avoid TV, newspapers and radio.

I avoid talk about religion or politics.

I pretend to be an ostrich. The louder the clamoring, the deeper I reach into the sand.

I no longer compete. Which is hard for me.

And I hold on to –

“Peace, my peace I give you.”

John 14:27 New International Version (NIV)

27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

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