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Is it sour? Bitter? Spicy? A combination?

I’ve dwelt on this since the attempted showing/sale of our boat some time ago.

And made a startling discovery.

It tastes and smells like Listerine mouthwash.

Which I detest.

  • It’s unpleasant.

  • It offends my sense of smell.

  • It affects my sense of taste.

Worse, it’s like a storm cloud hanging over my head.


Like Listerine.

I woke early the morning after the catastrophic incident.

Grumpy after a restless night.

Got up. Made Coffee. Looked at my lived-in, homely, messy boat.

Decided the would-be buyers didn’t deserve it.

Grabbed pen and paper. Started writing. And made another startling discovery.

As I wrote the cloud lifted. The sun was coming up. The smell and taste of my coffee took care of the lingering Listerine.

And I thanked God for the gift and ability to vent on paper.

Cyber hugs and Blessings to All who read this. Even if you’re not a blogger, don’t ever discount the value of keeping a journal. You can tell it what you like; say it as it is, and no-one will criticize or nay say you.

A wonderful alternative is to write yourself a letter.

Just make sure you keep it hidden from prying eyes!

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