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I met a lady at the Fitness Studio where I go for my bi-weekly dose of torture.

We spoke briefly. Then a little more. Sharing snippets about ourselves.

We both like to knit. Especially lace. We agree the focus required takes our mind off other issues.

Crazy as it might sound to non-knitters, we find it relaxing.

She likes doing tiny macramé. I like doing tiny cross stitch.

She has her Masters in Holistic Medicine.

She exudes –

  • Calm.

  • Gentleness.

  • Kindness.

  • Peace.

She’s just plain nice.

I would really like to know her better. Spend time with her.

What will I bring to this fledgling friendship?

Will she find something in my presence, my conversation, that would make it worth her while spending time with me?

Would she find it –

  • Enjoyable.

  • Relaxing.

  • Informative.

  • Amusing at time.

Or would I be doing all the taking without doing any of the giving?

And isn’t this often how our relationship is with our God?

We get to know Him.

We are saved.

And then we ask.

  • We ask for ourselves.

  • We ask for others.

  • We ask for every conceivable issue from A to Z.

But do we give?

Do we try to get to know our God better by spending time with him?

  • Some Bible Study?

  • A favorite devotional?

  • A few notes to remind us?

  • Maybe some meditation?

  • Quiet time?

  • A long walk?

  • Going to church. (Gasp!)

If none of these are possible –

  • How about listening to something uplifting during your commute to work?

  • Radio if you are driving.

  • Earphones if public transport.

There really is no excuse, no reason to say –

“I don’t have time.”

Surely in a twenty-four-hour day we can carve out half an hour, even fifteen minutes, to spend with that all-time, always there, always faithful friend?

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.

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