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I differentiate between devils and demons. Devils are the little ones. Demons are the big ugly ones. But those little ones can create havoc as well. I believe often times even more than the big ones. One is more aware of the big ones and thus more apt to avoid them. But those little ones? Oh me, oh my….

They look like cartoons. Pointy ears, long tail, forked feet, a tiny pitchfork. Don’t let that fool you for a moment.

They are not a cartoon characters.  Unfortunately they are very real.

I work very hard not to let a devil turn into a demon. Bad thoughts are a perfect example. They start off as a flitting observation-

“What a horrendous dress!”

If I allow those types of thoughts to linger, expand, explore, the devil becomes a demon.

But if I immediately shove it aside and think –

“But what a gorgeous color!”

My devil slinks back into his corner, sulking.

It’s hard to contain and discipline my little devils. I pray for Divine Intervention but I also realize something is expected of me. I know when they are likely to strike and try to avoid their fertile battle fields. These are when I’m –

  • Tired;

  • Stressed;

  • Not feeling well;

  • My Monkey Mind takes over.

Allow me to introduce my two “relentless” little devils. Sneaky little bastards that attack without much provocation. And then they roll around laughing when I react.

  • Impatience.

  • Irritation.

I suppose I’ve always had these tendencies. I wonder whether aging had worsened them. But I’m aware of their endless attacks and their unbridled glee when I trip and fall.

I wish there were a magic bullet or a one-time special prayer that would solve my problem. I don’t believe so. It’s ongoing.

The sad part is that it’s my nearest and dearest that has to put up with me while I’m under attack.

Thus I apologize.

For all the times you’re not even aware of my irritation and impatience, carefully concealed

.Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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