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Those Sunday Hugs

(After church.)

The lady who’d served communion wine was both a hugger and a talker. I grabbed her friend as well who turned out be a kindred type.

In a very short period of time God hammered home two lessons.

The hugger/talker was talking too much. Non- stop about anything and everything and nothing. She finally left, called away.

Lesson #1. If something in another person makes you go “Yikes!” it’s undoubtedly present in yourself. Yup, I talk too much. Hopefully I don’t hug too much as well.

I struck up a conversation with the friend about this and that and I truly don’t know how it got that far (I talk too much?) but she proceeded to tell me she has the kind of face that makes total strangers tell her their deepest secrets.

For a moment there I was a little miffed that someone else had this approachable aura that people picked up on.

Something or someone smacked me against the head.

Lesson #2. It was a little voice this time. “What on earth makes you think you are so special? There are millions out there, not only just like you but actually far better.”


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