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I subscribe to a website called Quora. I indicate my interests and areas of “expertise,” then answer questions posed by other readers.

I’m always flattered when a question comes my way that I feel I can answer. Often, it’s outside my “scope of practice,” and I pass. But when I do engage, I try to be as honest and helpful as possible.

So, when someone posed a question along the lines –

“How do you write a doable/achievable list of New Year’s resolutions?”

I jumped right in.

My first bit of tongue in cheek advice was –

“Don’t make a list.”

Then I got serious. I recommended making a list of all the possible New Years’ resolutions the reader had in mind.

After that, I advised, ruthlessly prioritize the list, numbering each resolution.

Finally, scrap all of them except numbers ONE, TWO AND THREE.

And there would be a list of “Doables.”

I felt that if one is serious enough about it, one can and will work at those three items.

I wonder if the person who posed the question followed my advice.

As for me?

I only had three resolutions.

Which will remain my secret.

My problem?

Resolution Number One went down the toilet roughly seven hours into the New Year.

Suffice to say it involved my Nearest and Dearest, a computer and a looming departure by boat.

My peace in tatters, I took the dogs for a walk.

I’m halfway through January 1st, 2019 as I write. Wondering whether the other two resolutions will make it through the day.

And unbidden the thought came that it’s a good thing that God’s Mercies are new every day.

(Lamentations 3:22-23)

And finally, I leave you with a bit of wisdom from Joyce Meyer.

“Don’t take the past year into the new one. Your future has no room for your past. If you did something good, look forward to doing something better. If you did something bad, determine never to do it again.”

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. Shovels full of good wishes and love winging your way.

Photo from Pexels

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