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I’m old school. When I go to church I like to see a dude up there in a suit and white tie. Or a Roman collar. Or a priest in a liturgical garment, color depending on the season.

In my pea sized brain it was truly a man’s world, that of the pulpit. The Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist should be handled by strong but gentle hands. The words delivered reverently in a masculine voice.

That’s the way I was raised and as I say all the time. I’m old. And old habits die hard.

Then, I met this lovely young woman of a different denomination to mine. She sent me recordings of her sermons and I listened. Admittedly with a somewhat critical mindset. She was as good as any man.

While traveling I went to another quaint little church.  Once again a woman preaching. And she, too, was good.

But still. This communion thing lingered. It bothered me. It didn’t sound right and it didn’t feel right. And as taking Holy Communion really means something to me, I decided not to participate. And ended up feeling bereft. As if I hadn’t been to church.

Decision time. Or as one wise priest said to me when I whined about something –

“It’s between you and God.”

And thus it came that I found myself back in my own church and as I kneeled, a voice came in my right ear –


But the lesson here, remember, there’s always a lesson,

Go where you are comfortable. Go where you feel you belong Go where you find acceptance.

Go where you can find God.

And for some, it might not even be in a church but,

  • Out on a trail hiking. (Been there)

  • Or on a kayak finding peace in nature. (Been there)

  • Or rocking a newborn in your arms. (Been there)

  • Under a tree with your guitar (Been there – without the guitar.)

  • Or quietly spending time with a favorite book. (Been there.)

For me, right now,

  • I need to be surrounded by fellow worshippers.

  • I need the peace and comfort that comes from organ tones and voices lifted in praise.

  • I need to look up at the Crucified Christ and remind myself how much was given up for me.

  • I need to remember that once there was a woman who saw her son die a cruel death.  And if anybody understands how I feel, she does.

  • I need to take Holy Communion.

Yes, I need to go to church.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All.

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