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His Windy Highness Hurricane Michael blew through Lodge Creek in the Northern Neck of Virginia on a Thursday night.

I guess we were fortunate that most of its fury had been spent. The wind was down to 50 mph from 150 mph when it hit us. Full blast on the stern.

Final Fling, our 50 ft Cabin Cruiser was securely docked. Lines tight. The slight and familiar side to side rocking increased but still nothing to raise an eyebrow.

The Captain snored gently. Our two small dogs cuddled up tight against him.

The wind intensified. So did the rocking. Banging and crashing commenced. A flash flood warning came on my phone.

I was engrossed in the adventures of Jane Eyre. As seen through the eyes of author Stephanie Barron in The Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor.

More banging and crashing followed. Another flash flood warning.

Still I read on.

Sleeping was out of the question. Reading was not. It takes a lot to shake a diehard bookworm.

I tried to ignore the building storm.

A final crash did it.

The power went out. I closed my Kindle. Woke the Captain. (Yes, he was still asleep.)

And sent him out onto the deck to check. (Regardless of the “dark and stormy” night. It really was.)

The dock was two feet under water.

“You’re not getting off this boat anytime soon,” he yelled.

Well, yes.

Another flash flood warning. The wind was pushing the water into the creek where we were docked.

Up and up we went. Luckily not away.

We ended with our bow pulpit wedged four feet higher.  Into the overhang of the dock in front of our boat. Luckily it missed the pole supporting the overhang. Double lucky as our power cord was wrapped around said pole.

The same four feet of rising water lifted us until the rub rail on the starboard side of the boat rested on top of the piling. It gave a new meaning to the words “hung up!”

Midnight came and went.

I looked at the Captain.

“This calls for a glass of wine,” I said.

So, there we were. Two aging boaters raising a glass to Michael in the middle of the night.

Yup, there’s always an upside to any downside.

What more perfect memory could I want to add to my Treasure Trove.Memories are Made of this.



Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

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