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Oyster sounds pretty darn small to me.

Besides which I don’t like oysters.

Maybe I want my world to be a garden.

Trees and shrubs. Perennials and annuals. Butterflies and Birds and Bees. Spiders and Caterpillars and Praying Mantis and things I can’t even identify.

I even like the weeds. Weeding being my go-to remedy when grumpy.

I love springtime in my garden.

The big clean out. Pruning and trimming and snipping.

Cleaning out the ground cover encroaching on to the walk up to the house.

Some things I can do myself. With some I need help.

In my backyard I have a huge, old, majestic magnolia tree. Right on the water’s edge. Thirty feet tall with glorious branches reaching out in all directions

I watched the “tree man” cut down a branch, gorgeous blossom and all. It had to go. It was leaning over the house.

And in a hurricane, it would be a danger to the roof should it break off.

In the front yard I have three tall palm trees. Same vintage.

I watched him trim a lovely frond that touched a power line.

All beautiful. All dangerous.

I checked into the garden that’s my life. What was there that needed attention?

I realized I needed to make space for –

  • New experiences.

  • New growth.

  • New dreams.

I needed to work at cleaning out the dark patches in my soul.

I needed to weed out the unkind thoughts in my subconscious that push their nasty little heads into my conscious mind.

I needed to trim around the edges of my “walk” in life. Pretty, even beautiful thoughts and fun behaviors encroaching. That in a crisis would prove fateful. So dangerous that if they covered my path I could slip and fall on a rainy day.

It’s easy for me to do away with the bad.

It’s not so easy to do away with the beautiful and seemingly safe.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All. Maybe it’s time to take good look at The Garden that’s Your Life.


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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