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I stood staring at my not inconsiderate pile of “to be read” books. I needed something light. Preferably with a little mystery. A twist in the tail. And set somewhere in the British Isles.

I just finished a mystery which left me with a “meh” feeling.

A delightful protagonist. Life seen through the eyes of a smart aleck eleven-year-old can be downright funny. As are her powers of observation.

And a clever plot.

But all of it built around a subject that left me cold. Pages upon pages of description. Which I promptly skipped. My own fault. I should’ve read the blurb before buying the book but in my defense, I didn’t expect a treatise on said subject!

But back to my bookshelf. There were 20 books to choose from.

And that truth or dare moment leapt out.

When last did I read a book for the sheer enjoyment of being able to read?

  • Not with a critical mindset;

  • Not skipping narrative (well, not much);

  • Not rushing to see what’s going to happen next;

  • No, just reading. Savoring each word. Taking my time.

I find the same with knitting. Instead of enjoying each stitch being formed, I rush. I want to see the pattern taking shape; I want to see the article taking shape.

Why can’t I just knit for the sheer enjoyment of knitting?

As for quilting. Same thing. Why not enjoy the feel of the needle sliding through the fabric? Delighting in each tiny stitch I master?

Why can’t I sip my coffee, enjoying each delicious mouthful? Why do I rush, then want another cup and it never tastes as good as the first one?

Even in the garden. Why can’t I go out there for a couple of hours at a time and enjoy what I do?

No, I go out all morning, exhaust myself, collapse and am unable to do anything the next day.

Now, for reasons only known to the Goddess of Ice Cream –

I don’t gobble down an ice cream cone. Oh no, I savor it. Lick this side, lick that side, catch the dribbles. If I have two scoops, I take my time getting to that second flavor. Anticipating.

Why then can’t I approach everything else in life like I do an ice cream cone?

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All. Go get an ice cream.

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