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I love my morning cartoons.

Sometimes I found it to be the only thing worth reading in the daily newspaper.

There are the staples:

  • Blondie and Dagwood.

  • Snoopy.

  • Hagar.

  • For Better or Worse.

  • Pickles.

And then there’s Arlo and Janis. A middle aged married couple.

The talent of the cartoonists leaves me green with envy. I can’t even draw a straight line without a

ruler. Or with a ruler!

But they –

  • Change the facial expressions with a tiny line here and there.

  • Change the mood by the simple change of the shape of an eye.

Oh yes, this is real talent.

But it doesn’t end there. There’s wisdom in the funnies if we will only look for it. Stuff to mull over.

Arlo and Janis are a normal couple. Doing normal things. Like gardening.

Arlo. “You want to plant lots of flowers?” 

Janis. “Yes! Annuals! We have all the shrubs and perennials we need.”

The discussion continues and ends with Janis saying,

“Flowers will remind us how important the moment is,” and Arlo replies

“And how temporary it is.”

And I’m reminded to enjoy the fleeting moments of joy. Like the annuals in our garden these moments remind us of how fragile life is.

Don’t waste the gift of friends, family, laughter and companionship. And so, I raise my voice, tired and aging as it is to say –

“I love you Lord…”


Photo by Katie Burandt from Pexels

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