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My Jesus had to take a giant leap out of swaddling clothes and into His ministry to compensate for my tardiness.

Lent is looming and there is so much I wanted to explore between Christmas and Ash Wednesday.

But there I was.

What could I possibly do in the little time left to me?

Where could I start?

I decided to settle on the first miracle.

The Wedding at Cana.

What do we know about this wedding?

Was it a family wedding?  Maybe some close friends as well? Even strangers?

And Jesus and his disciples a casual late invitation? Or maybe He heard his mother would be there and decided to go so He could see her?

There’s nothing to tell us any more than that there was a wedding.

But obviously Mary was a pivotal figure, maybe even the Wedding Planner. Definitely not a casual bystander.

Because it was to her that the servants came when dang, quelle horreur, they ran out of wine!

They didn’t know Jesus. He was just another guest. Why on earth would they ask him what to do?

But Mary knew. And she took a short cut.

Instead of asking Jesus what they should do, she told the servants,

“Do whatever he tells you to do.”

To Jesus through Mary.

No, I don’t see anything wrong in asking Mary to ask Jesus.

Or to pray for me.

Just as I ask friends and family. Living and long deceased.

I even ask strangers to pray for me.

Let’s face it. I can use all the help, aka prayers to smooth my earthly journey.

So good thoughts, prayers and vibes to all who read this.

And also to those who don’t.

I hope The Blessed Mother stays close as I head for Ash Wednesday and my Lenten Journey. I’m going to need her.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All.



Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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