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Morning walks next to the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) with the dogs are pure pleasure. I gripe a little about sharing the path with bicycles but really, that’s selfish.

Everyone is smiling, happy and friendly. We stop and chat to other dogs. They socialize, sniff and communicate while the owners do the same, skipping the sniffing bit, of course.

I don’t pay too much attention to the path I’m walking. Nobody does. I sort of go along dead center and then move out of the way to either side when someone approaches from the opposite direction. One casually deals with it as one encounters another dog walking his owner.

So imagine my astonishment the other morning.  The Captain was ahead with Louie while I followed closely behind with Mikhail.

Round the corner came a lady with three dogs and a glum expression. I couldn’t help but notice the expression along with the dogs and had a fleeting moment of surprise. ICW walkers do NOT have glum expressions, especially not dog owners!

Anyway, the Captain and I were already walking on the left side of the path and moved a little further to the side to accommodate Mrs. Glum and dogs.

In my usual dog friendly manner I said – “Oh, that’s a Boston terrier and the other two are?”

Mrs. Glum looked at me and asked, “Are you from England?”

Which I thought a truly peculiar question and quickly ensured her that no, we were local.

Without missing a beat she shot back, “Then why are you walking on the left side of the path?”

No, she wasn’t trying to be funny. She was just plain old nasty and snarky.

She did respond to my question about the breed of the other two dogs but I don’t remember. I was in that nice tacky British state of “gob-smacked.”

Taking her glum expression and her dogs she continued on her way. And no, she didn’t allow any canine interaction, socialization or sniffing.

So the thought arises.

Her life must be pretty bad to have that kind attitude.

She has my sympathy.

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