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October 2017 saw us heading south down the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) after Hurricane Irma had done her worst.

Hurricanes. Fearsome Creations by Mother Nature. From June through November Floridians watch and wait and hope and pray.

These horrors start in the Caribbean or in the Atlantic off the African Coast. A devious trick by nature, it needs the warm water of the tropics to form and the atmosphere has to be saturated with moisture.

We cruised past partly submerged vessels; ripped apart vessels and strangest of all, vessels stranded sixty feet or more from shore.

An added frustration in 2016, after Hurricane Matthew had had its day, were storm damaged bridges that couldn’t open. Boats were lined up in the marinas, waiting and waiting and waiting for the all clear.

I had time to think and dwell on what I saw.

I sympathized with the owners of the damaged and destroyed vessels.

But my heart broke for the ravaged shoreline. Huge trees uprooted and flung down. With so much water available, their root system was shallow. Nothing to secure them. Read: Rufus

The smaller trees fared better, being able to swing and sway and “go with the flow.”

And the undergrowth in most places, and for the first time in years, saw sun and could breathe.

Mother Nature is both judge and jury. She shows no mercy when sending her executioners. Matthew in 2016 and Irma in 2017 had no qualms in stripping and felling these gods of the forests.

These past weeks, as dignitaries, politicians and celebrities tumbled like so many dominoes; those tall trees came to mind.

I can’t bring myself to have sympathy with these “human” trees that are toppling over. I truly believe they deserve whatever retribution comes their way.

And yet, and yet, who am I to judge?

John 8:2-11

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Cyber Hugs and Cyber Blessings All.

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