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First there’s a story. (There’s always a story.) Shopping, as in serious grocery shopping is a challenge for boaters. How much can you carry before you cause yourself a rotator cuff injury or the circulation is cut off in your fingers from the plastic bags you’re clutching? Try lugging a case of water and you’ll soon realize you’re not a body builder.

Some marinas have loaner cars, a blessing. Other boaters have bikes and risk their lives (as far as I’m concerned) to pedal away in the traffic and return balancing stuff on the back. Not to be outdone, the HOTH (Head of The Household) bought an electric bike, a really nifty little thing unless you run out of juice. But that’s a tale for another time.

I’m easy to please as long as I have my staples:

Food:  Bananas, bread (the good artisan bread, not the kind you can squish in your hand to the size of a small fritter)

and cheese, preferable Swiss Emmentaler.

Drinks:  Water, good coffee and good gin.

We were good on all items except bananas and bread and this being downtown Historical New Bern NC, I knew bananas were a “no-go” but the Bakers Kitchen would have bread. Now Bakers Kitchen is also a rather nice restaurant and outside the door was a large sign, Special of the Day “Meat Loaf!”

“Dinner!” the Pig Snout (see my post dated 9/16/2016) yelped so I marched inside, ordered my bread and an order of meat loaf to take away. While waiting this lovely lady gave me a big smile so it was “game on.” We ladies really have no problem in striking up a conversation. She told me she always smiled at people. She lost her husband four years ago and he’d adored and worshipped her. Growing up she had had four brothers that also adored and worshipped her and we were just getting into dating again when her daughter arrived.

More chatting, laughing, hugging and introductions, last name Loop. I didn’t get it, thinking “loup” as in French for wolf so she said again, LOOP like in FROOT LOOP.”

First names both started with M, hence the M ‘n M Froot Loop Hug. I gave them my card and really hope they stay in touch.

Love these Southern Ladies.

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