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The Joseph Coat

I dreamt I was shopping and right there, those who know me are rolling on the floor doing the

hyena bit. And have you ever heard a hyena laugh?

Well, as I said, I was shopping. One of those resort type over-priced shops that sell a bit of everything. Clothes, books, hats, ornaments, jewelry.

And in the far corner I spied this beautiful mid-thigh multi-colored jacket. Soft, smooth, silky, saying “you want me, you want me, oh, you SO want me.”

I strolled over. Next to the Joseph Coat was a drab platinum grey military style full length coat.

Severe, elegant, aloof. “Don’t touch me,” it said.

“Not even with a boat hook,” I retorted.

I slipped the Joseph Coat off the hangar and reverently slid my arms through the sleeves, tugging

at the lapels. Oh my! It felt as good as it looked. Breathing deeply I allowed the coat to settle and

Ignoring the price tag, I made my way to the cash register, only to be grabbed by a stunning

pendant, a blue sea glass stone (I’m a sucker for anything that comes out of the ocean) on a thin

silver chain. It literally leapt off the shelf and neatly lassoed me.

“Ooh,” gurgled the sales lady. “I have a pair of sea glass earrings that would match that

Doomed. Robbed. I signed the credit card slip and waltzed out the door, Joseph Coat and sea

glass pendant and earrings nestling in a flashy shopping bag.

But then my steps slowed down. “I’m sorry,” I told the Joseph Coat, “but I have to go back.

There’s something I have to do.”

I didn’t expect a reply. I didn’t get one

Back in the store the sales lady was only too happy to have me try on the gray coat. It was

elegant, nothing out of place, drab, reminding me of a straight tarred road, miles and miles of it

“So,” I said, “what do the two of you think?”

No response from either. Grey Coat or Joseph Coat at my feet. The decision would be mine.

I look at myself. The Grey Coat would a good buy. One could do so much with it. A colorful

scarf, a bright brooch, sparkly earring, gaily patterned blouses…….

And then came the light bulb moment.


Do I want my life to be a Gray Coat with occasional POPP’s or do I want it to be a Joseph Coat

and live with the peace that surpasses all understanding?

“I’m sorry,” I told the Grey Coat, “I don’t wear grey anymore.”

Returning the coat to the sales lady, the Joseph Coat and I made our way down the road.

We stopped for ice-cream, we hugged stranger and then we went home.

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