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“I say potato and you say potato.”

That old song came to visit this morning as I watched the shifting clouds from my Morning Happy Chair.

The darker ones were moving left.

The lighter ones were moving right.

I watched. Fascinated as always by nature.

They all eventually settled into a beautiful kaleidoscope of light and dark.

Nestled close.

Hugging each other.

All shades of grey appeared where they intermingled.

Some trimmed with silver.

The sky became softer, gentler, more accepting.

I love grey. It’s my “go-to” color since I became a silver fox.

It’s a soothing color.

A comfortable color.

And astoundingly versatile.

My monkey mind took a flying leap.

Trailing potatoes.

And accents.

On which I’m an expert.

I’m an “import” to the United States. (Doesn’t that sound much better than immigrant?)

I sound different. Adding to the “flavor “of the population.

Different colors.

Different accents.

  • The humble potato brought the Irish.

  • Wars and famine brought nationalities from all over the world.

  • Marriage, aka the Captain, brought me to these shores.

The United States of America.

A beautiful, wonderful, complicated, unique melting pot.

We are all different when we arrive.

We all have something to give.

Local and import.

And achieve wondrous things when we work together.

Cyber hugs and many Blessings All.

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