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I’ve waxed lyrical once before.

About this nifty little tool that every serious, and not so serious, gardener, should own.

Seven inches long, serrated on one side, sharpish on the other, marked in inches and centimeters with a sort of rounded pointy tip and semi-concave in shape. (I trust everyone follows that description?)

A strong wooden handle. The real thing, that is. The only drawback being that wooden handle. Once covered with soil and more, it’s lost forever.

The knock-off versions have brightly colored plastic handles. That break.

So best to bite the bullet and buy the real thing. And paint the handle with bright red nail polish.

In my garden, where my Hori-Hori knife is an extension of my right hand, I have an abundance of weeds.

Not really a huge variety. Oh no, it’s a specific weed. It resembles a spring onion. It grows upright with nice firm, bright green leaves.

The root ball is shallow. Mostly fine hair roots. And if the soil is moist, one tug and out it comes.

But it’s a never-ending battle! Usually therapeutic in nature. But not this time.

Knowing I’ll be gone for a month I decided to eliminate these intruders for once and all.

I tried every organic product under the sun.

I tried every homemade concoction for which I could find a recipe.

I made up a few of my own.

I finally succumbed (horrors!) and used Round Up. Two different types.

And squirted it right into the root balls.

Yes Sirree!

With great satisfaction I watched the leaves wilt.

I left home in a contented frame off mind as far as my garden was concerned.

To be greeted, on my return a month later, to the sight of a happy and healthy crop of weeds.

Back on my knees I went, manually attacking the little darlings one by one.

And reflected.

I’m closer to God in a garden than anywhere else on earth. I truly believe that.

What lesson, therefore, lies in those weeds that I cannot eliminate “once and for all?”


I yanked at a particularly stubborn one. Grabbed my Hori-Hori knife to loosen the root ball.

It was a no-brainer. The weed was “begone.”

Nothing, but nothing is a match for my Hori-Hori.

I thought some more.

My sins, big and small, will never be eliminated “once and for all.”

And those pesky small ones take daily work. With all the tools at my disposal.

  • Patience.

  • Kindness.

  • Self-control

  • Self-sacrifice.

But above all, I need to keep handy the Hori-Hori knife of my faith.


Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.



Photo by Gamze Bozkaya on Unsplash

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