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The Good Lord Stomped On Me This Morning

I’m presently reading “The Daniel Prayer” by Anne Graham Lotz. (That would be Billy Graham’s daughter for the uninformed.)

I got to a point where she listed self-examination points which sounded like a “spiffing” (I love that word) idea. I put down the book, rolled onto my back, tucked my knees into my chest (a favorite “thinking” position), closed my eyes and went through my list. Yup, not too bad on some, pretty bad on others and “no more grumping” a voice said.

Whaaaat? I allow myself the luxury of grumping to only two people. My husband and a very dear friend.

I took this problem to Steve (the aforesaid husband) and got the following comment: “If you can’t grump, you’ll have nothing to talk about.”

Ehhhh? He went one better and said: “50% of the time when people talk, they are grumping.”

Double ehhhh and I started thinking, once again on my back with knees tucked into chest. When does a comment become a complaint?

“It’s hot today.” (Comment.) “ I do wish this hot weather would go away.” (Complaint)

“She’s running late.” (Comment) “Can’t that woman ever be on time!” (Complaint.)

It’s interesting to see the fine line. Sometimes even the inflexion of your voice is enough to jump from comment to complaint.

And with those words of wisdom I leave you. I’m trying really hard not to grump. Also, my Whirlpool (aka my brain) jumped on to the word “comment.”

Mmmmm – watch this space.

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