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 I read. A lot. Anything from a Blondie cartoon to the Bible. Now and then a book captures me and I can only read a few pages at a time. A sentence or phrase sets me thinking and I have to stop and let it percolate. Enter The Fisherman by Pastor Larry Huntsperger.

The Fisherman is the story of Saint Peter told in the first person. Pastor Huntsperger spent more than 25 years researching New Testament documents and the result is a “must read.”

This time round (obviously not the first time I’ve read The Fisherman!) the sentence that grabbed me appeared on page 174.

Saint Peter talking says: “Having begun with the knowledge of His love, I then had to grow into the knowledge of His deity. You, perhaps, will begin with the knowledge of His deity and then must grow into the knowledge of His love. Both pilgrimages are filled with pitfalls.”

Mmm. I had to think this one through. I’m still thinking. As children we are taught “Jesus loves us this we know, For the Bible tells us so…”

Then we mature in our faith. God becomes that All Mighty Deity we call on and pray to and sometimes we forget how much He loves us and that He’s simply a friend as well. Or the alternative, we have fallen away, we are desperate for a friend we can trust and we forget He is there, waiting.

As we start Holy Week, let’s walk with St Peter and remember, He’s our friend. Someone to spend time with, talk to, confide in, laugh with and cry if we need. He’s so much more than we can fathom. He is –



What a friend we have in Jesus….

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