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I’m packing.


Just a short four-day trip this time. Toothbrush etc.  WIndbreaker, underwear, tops, shorts, leggings,


There was a time when we called leggings stretch pants and they belonged to a gym. They were classified as workout clothes.

Somehow they made it into the Casual Wear Category. Any wild crazy combo of colors and designs. It was inevitable that designers would get into the Seasonal Mode. My Christmas pair last year had spangles and bangles and stars. I sat on some elves and Father Christmas was in a strategic spot.

Next they made their way into Elegant Wear.


I have a glittery black evening pair that, matched with a long flowing white top, comes across as super-elegant.

The old saying “what goes around comes around” holds true for fashion as well.

If you can stomach “stuff” hanging in your closet for twenty years, it always comes full circle.

Now, I wouldn’t mind elegant wide-brimmed hats making a comeback. As long as no one in church sits in front of me wearing one.

But I hope bell bottoms do not get resurrected. And isn’t it strange how boob tubes and hot pants have stayed the course with only a name change from time to time?

Thus goes my mind as I reflected on fashion while folding and packing my favorite leggings.

The jump was a no-brainer to how my inner person has changed through the years. Visible to no one but my God. And I hope and trust He approves of my improved Inner Fashion Sense.

The reminder came unbidden that, really, it’s possible to clothe myself in a fashion that never goes out of fashion –

Ephesians 4:24 – ISV

“and to clothe yourselves with the new nature, which was created according to God’s image in righteousness and true holiness.”

And so it goes.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and always shall be.


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