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I have a lovely vineyard. It’s my life. It took years of hard work to cultivate and it’s still not perfect. Sometimes I used the wrong fertilizer; sometimes the rain didn’t come; sometimes there was an unexpected hail storm; sometimes I pruned wrong or at the wrong time.

But I’m filled with joy when I look at my vineyard. (Read: the Little Foxes) As for those little foxes? They are pretty much under control.

But now a huge elephant has come stomping into my vineyard. He won’t leave. He’s nibbling on my grapes of peace and contentment. The field mice fled and the earthworms buried deep into the soil. The birds no  longer fly overhead.

I don’t know what to do. My vineyard is wilting. I’ve taken drastic measures. No news on TV, in the car on the radio or on Facebook. No newspapers.

But still, the elephant is stomping and I’m really getting a little tired of this. I want my vineyard back!

A chance conversation with a lovely lady in a doctor’s waiting room showed me the way.


As well as the herd surrounding him.


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