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Methinks I’m not as smart as a donkey.

  • Donkeys take their time.

  • Look where they are going.

  • Do not trip over the same stone twice.

  • Circle around pitfalls and ditches.

  • Avoid uneven terrain.

  • Finally, they listen to orders.

And then there’s me.

I tend to rush.

And leave cupboard doors open.

Especially the door where the dog food lives.

And time after time after time –

  • I rush to feed them.

  • Open the door.

  • Take out the food.

  • Leave the door open.

  • Feed them.

  • Door still open.

  • I turn, fast, and –


I hit my expensive OTC (over the counter) knee on the door.

One would think because it’s artificial it wouldn’t hurt.


It does.

A lot.

As I limp away I promise myself to be more careful next time.

I might even remember. A couple of times.

But sooner or later I’m going to do it again.!

That “something” we do because we are not paying attention.

Aren’t we fortunate that there’s something called –


And it’s ours for the asking?

But back to that humble donkey.

That carried our Lord into Jerusalem on his final triumphant ride.

  • He took his time.

  • He looked where he was going.

  • He avoided places where he could stumble.

  • He didn’t rush.

  • Finally, he listened to commands from the Lord.

And stepped on a bed of palm branches. Sharing the joy of being with the Lord.

I’m forthwith going to try to be more like a donkey.

Food for thought there.

Cyber hugs and blessings all.



Photo by Milivoj Kuhar on Unsplash

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