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When your coffee doesn’t taste right.

So not fair. On waking you spend a few minutes lying quietly with eyes closed. You thank the Lord for mercies given and ask for guidance on your day.

But, already you can taste that first cup of coffee.

Throwing on clothes and makeup (if makeup is still part of your morning ritual), you dash up the stairs. For me, that is.

For you it might be a straight stretch. Or down the stairs.

Stumbling over the dogs’ toys you reach the Keurig. Do the deed.

Wait. Wait. Wait.



No, you didn’t use salt instead of sugar. (That is, if you use sugar.)

You didn’t add, or not add creamer.

I guess black bitter coffee is safest. Then again, you might’ve picked a tea pod and you loathe tea.

Oh, the things that can go wrong!

I use artificial sweetener and creamer and love it. I simply breathe in that first cup.

Yes, yes, I know 30,000 dead rats have proven artificial stuff is bad for you. Here’s hoping I’m stronger than 30,000 rats.


Coffee ready.



What the #$%!*@!.

What on earth did I eat last night that my coffee tastes so bad this morning?

Mumble grumble mumble…

More creamer might help?

It didn’t.

The sad part was that the Captain had made my coffee. Which means my coffee should’ve been perfect. He has the “touch.”

So why?

I couldn’t let it go. And then, as always, the reason came. Unbidden.

“You went to bed grumpy.”


If something bothers you, clear it up before going to sleep. You really don’t want to ruin that first cup of coffee.

Now here is my problem. A study in contradiction.

I’ve often found that evening discussion can become heated over nothing. By morning it’s been downgraded from storm strength to a mild breeze and a light welcoming rain. And your coffee will taste just fine.

So what is a woman to do?

And what about my coffee?

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All plus a good cup of good coffee.


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