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Let’s be quite clear. I was in no mood to be wooed. Or charmed. Or flattered.

I was in no mood to make social chit-chat.

I was, in fact, not in the best of moods.

  1. I was in the throes of mastering the satanic intricacies of a new computer and Windows 10. (Yes, yes, I know I’m late to the game.)

  2. I was in the waiting room to be called for a breathing test. (The spook with the unpronounceable name is still breathing down my neck. No pun intended.)

  3. I’m worried about my family that’s so far away.

  4. I’m already stressing about my fur babies going to the kennel for a month.

  5. I’m totally frustrated about my inability to lose those last few pounds.

  6. Even Mother Nature was in on the game of “make Ida miserable” having presented us with an atypical Florida day with wind, clouds, spitting rain and a sick looking sun.

No, I was in no mood for a love affair.

The door to the surgery opened and there he stood,

He smiled at me.

And I melted.

Frail, dressed in black, still upright, papers in one hand, cane in the other.

“How are you?” he asked.

We talked non-stop.

What did we talk about?

I don’t really know. But talk we did. I remember that –

  • He is eighty-five.

  • He’s had a heart bypass.

  • He battles with arthritis.

But considers himself blessed and is grateful.

I noticed a tiny golden cross peeping out from his shirt.

I showed him my cross.

And was rewarded with a huge smile.

“Ah yes,” he told me. “I just live every day the best I can. Only He,” he said, fingering the little cross, “knows when I’m going home.”

The nurse appeared. Handed him a fistful of papers and appointment reminders and more.

All of this in one hand, cane in the other, he turned to me and said,

“It was nice talking to you.”

What was a woman in love to do?

I got up. Said,

”May I Hug You?”

I got another of those killer smiles. A yes. A nod.

I put my arms around him. And hugged. Carefully. Gently.

The arm with the hand and fistful of papers came around for a return hug.

I’m sniffling and trying not to.

I walked to the door to open it for him.

He said, “you don’t need to do that!”

“Oh, but I do,” I told him. “You made me feel young!”

Yes, I fell in love that day.

Funny thing, I never even asked his name.

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