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I lay in bed. Watched the morning sun creep carefully through a slit in the curtains.

I do two things before I swing these aging legs out of bed.

I plan my day and hope not too many curve balls come my way.

I say a prayer for the day to come. Covering all possible scenarios.

I was midway through this “as usual” prayer when I had a moment. One of those “ah-hah” moments.

My morning prayer is structured. I base it on the Ignatian Examen. It normally goes like this –

  • Praise

  • Thanks

  • Confession of sins

  • Ask forgiveness of said sins.

  • Petitions for anything I can think of.

But this morning I decided to heck with it. I was going to spend the day being thankful. And every prayer request was going to start with being thankful.

My first thought was for my brother whom I love so dearly and who is so far away. Instead of the usual –

“God, please take are of him and watch over him and guide him”

I prayed –

“Thank you, God, for taking care of him and watching over him and guiding him.”

Wow! That was a liberating moment.

I continued. Amazed at how much asking I’d been doing. And then covering it with only ONE thank you at the end?

I decided to continue like this.

The biggest test of the day came when the late afternoon “blues” hit.

Instead of asking “Lord, please help me not to be irritable and short,”

I said,

“Thank you, Lord, for helping me not be irritable and short at this time.”

Something or someone wacked me on the head and a Voice said,”

“Then put away that knitting pattern and Magic Loop Method you’re fighting with and talk to your husband.”

I did.

And thanked Him again.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.


Photo by from Pexels


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