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By way of introduction, if you are ever in Solomons, MD, pay a visit to the C&D Café on Solomons Island Rd S. Your taste buds will sing a culinary Ode to Joy.

The occasion was the HOTH’s (Head of The Household’s) birthday, 72nd birthday to be exact. I find it hard to reconcile myself with the fact that we are aging. I do not fear death but I cannot imagine a life without him. My baby-sister-law put a photo of him as a six year old something on Facebook and what do you know but I see that boy in the man I adore. Where have the years gone?

And with that mush out of the way, it was a miserable, rainy, windy day and we were lucky to immediately get a table. (Profound thought – why does everyone go out to eat when it’s miserable?) This lovely server came over, wide smile, “I’m happy” written all over her, takes our drinks order, chats a little, then leaves and as I watched her walk away, I swear there was a bounce in her step, a happy sort of hop.

“Nah, no-one can be that happy,” says I to the birthday boy. “It’s unnatural. She’s probably hiding some deep pain.” By now I’m fascinated by this woman and watching avidly, waiting for the mask to slip when she’s communicating with her co-workers and not with the public.

I turned my chair just a tad so I could keep her in sight. Nope, the smile never wavered and even though she was standing still (thus the Happy Hop was missing); she had an aura of sheer joy. (Color me a tiny bit envious.)

She came over to check on us a few times, but finally it was time to pay and leave. The HOTH was already out the door when I turned back. She was busy so I apologized for the interruption, started my spiel and got as far as a “stranger a day” when, if it was possible, her smile grew even wider, her arms came around me and she yelped “and today it’s me, it’s me, it’s me.”

Man, did that feel good. Look for her when you visit the C&D Café in Solomons, MD. If not sure who she is, simply look for the Server that is Vibrating with Joy.

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