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My buddy, Jonas Ellison writes a daily blog.

The other morning the title was “That thing you don’t want to say.”

He continued.

“That thing you don’t want to say is almost always what you should say.”

My brain box kicked into overdrive.

That exercise you loathe doing is –

  • Almost always what you really need to do.

  • That apology you don’t feel like making.

  • The letter you don’t feel like writing.

  • The mending. (Gasp! Do people still do that?)

  • The cleaning.

I can go on and on and on – what you should do/say.

Or not.                      

I’m going to grab a few more “edited” sentences from Jonas as it applies to my life.

  • I must have the conviction that what sets me apart is the thing that will bring readers to my door.

  • There are certainly things I don’t need to say.

  • It’s worth a second or third look when I notice self-censoring going on.

  • There’s probably something there.

  • Maybe it’s even “the” thing.

May I Hug You has come a long way. It has been a journey. Exhausting and not always comfortable.

The springs in my horse-drawn buggy are worn. The horse hair stuffing escaping through cracks in the leather covers. Dried and brittle from over-exposure. Those emotions which sometimes are cold. Then hot. Buffeted by the elements. Wind and rain and sun and snow.

I write more freely now.

More trusting I guess.

I open myself.

I share myself.

I’m braver.

Procrastination isn’t the answer.

Self-censoring always requires another look.

In writing.

Also, in life.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. Don’t give in to self-doubt.

Do check out my friend.


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