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With apologies to the Father of Accounting, Luca Pacioli

This was real shopping, the boring has-to-be-done kind. Pens and folders and more.

Off to Staples I went. To fortify myself for the coming ordeal, I claimed a hug from a sales associate as I walked in the door. She thought my quest delightful.

My shopping spree was spectacularly unsuccessful.

Firm thick printing paper?  No loose sheets, only sold in bulk.

Clear book cover paper? Like Saran wrap for books? Nada.

Old fashioned crinkle paper in rolls? Highly inflammable I know from experience, having set alight the curtains in my dorm room at university many moons ago. Nothing, probably for that reason.

An inexpensive ledger?  My last credit card bill nearly provoked a 911 call so I’ve decided to write down what I’m spending as I’m spending.

At this point my hugging buddy was coming down the aisle and asked if I’d found everything. Ever hopeful I asked –Transparent book covering? No. Crinkle paper in rolls? No. Ledger? Oh yes, that she had and led the way, me trotting behind eagerly.

There, right at the top it was – LEDGER, single entry.

I reached up and stopped as my hand passed the price tag displayed on the rack.


I turned, looked at her and as if rehearsed, we simultaneously said,

“Whaaat! For $30.00 I can draw the lines myself.”

To seal our decision we hugged once more and I left, without a ledger. Now to find an inexpensive notebook to draw some lines.

I can do that.

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