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My morning happy chair over-looks the intersection of two canals.

The main canal comes off the Intracoastal Waterway and clearly shows the changing tides.

The other morning, as so often, I sat watching the intersection. Trying to empty my mind.

The water was swirling in a peculiar circular fashion in the center of the intersection.

Manatee! I thought. But no, nary a glimpse of one of these lovable clumsy creatures.

Then what?

I looked more closely.

The tide was coming in, dancing with the outgoing.

A gentle but persistent swirl resulted.

Shadows in the water from trees on the banks of the canal became distorted.

Out of focus.

Ragged at the edges.

The reflection of a heron waiting patiently on the side became something out of Jurassic Park.

A boat cruised by.

Broke up the dance.

The water regrouped. Swirled less.

Relentlessly the tide kept coming in.

The swirl disappeared.

The last ripples smoothed out.

The shadows from the trees steadied.

The heron, well, the heron went back to looking like a heron.

And the water moved in one direction only.

How often does that happened in our lives?

The good fights the bad.

It becomes a storm swirling inside of us.

Life gets distorted.

Then some inner strength manifests itself.

Breaks up the turmoil.

The bad is pushed back.

The good reasserts itself.

And we have peace.

Do we have that inner strength? Do we know where to find it?

Cyber hugs and Blessings All.

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