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And all the years in between.

Birth to Death.

Light to Dark.

The Alpha and The Omega.

I don’t even know where I was going with these thoughts. My deepest sorrow is so long ago and so safely tucked away. That darkest patch of all.

And yet I grieve. I grieve for family and friends that are going through dark patches. I grieve for the country of my birth and I grieve for my adopted country.

I grieve for refugees, the persecuted, the abandoned. The starving and the sick. The lonely and forgotten. The homeless, people and pets.

I grieve for the world. And I find myself burdened by sorrow and cloaked by misery.

And realize my own life, my personal sorrow is but a grain of sand in this desolate desert of misery that is our world today.

That thought gives me perspective. And a reminder that self-pity is from Satan.

I look back on my life. Bad stuff on the left. Bad stuff is ALWAYS on the left. Good stuff on the right. Good stuff is ALWAYS on the right.

On the left. Missed opportunities and failed endeavors.

On the right. Achievements.

Mmm. The right does not look too shabby after all.

No, I didn’t always achieve my objective. But the intention was there.

“As long as I walk in the light as God is in the light….”

– Oswald Chambers

And God sees within. Where there is light. Even if only a flicker at times. But there is light.


And I hope He will say –

Matthew 25:23 – “    Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Photo by Ceri Hurlow.

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