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Meet Rufus. He had no choice in where he was planted or how he grew up. The soil was soft and sandy and water was plentiful. Even if he could, there was no reason to move.

Rufus felt really good as he grew to be tall and strong and people admired his proud stand and curly head. The other trees were a little further away from the water and offered Rufus some protection from the wind but he could care less.

One year the rains didn’t come. The water level dropped and edged away. The base around Rufus’ roots dried out.  He was wobbling (that word again!) and the other trees couldn’t help. Mother Nature came to call with no consideration for the precarious nature of Rufus’ base of support.

Now, he’s just another statistic on the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway), rotting away, his once proud trunk a perch for fishing herons or playful squirrels.

Which, of course, set me thinking. How strong is my base of support? (And yours?) Will the first real hard wind that buffets my life topple me into the sand and mud? Those other trees, aka family and friends, even though they care deeply and pray for me, can only stand by, watch and commiserate. The battle is mine.

Or are my roots deep and grounded. Is my belief system so strong that I might waver and wobble and sway but fall over? Never.

Family and friends are temporary. They might leave, pass away, move on, lose interest, the whole litany that makes up the human psyche.

But God is eternal. The Holy Spirit and my guardian angel are ever present. Put not your faith and trust in what is temporal.

Colossians 2:7 “Let your roots grown down into him, and let your lives

be built on him.”

Cyber Hugs and Cyber Blessings All.


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