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I love to bake.

Note well, I said bake.

I do not like to cook. That’s the Captain’s job.

But baking?

Ahh – the fun in getting out the ingredients. Lining them up. Following the recipe. Creating that gorgeous cake, or trays of cookies or my favorites, wait for it,

Gooey, rich, yummy South African desserts.

  • Jan Ellis Pudding.

  • Melktert.

  • Asynpoeding.

  • Sponskluitjies.

Nowadays I rarely do this. There’s no one to eat my masterpieces. Both the Captain and I must watch our weight as we age. Bummer.

It was a side bar in the NKJV Study Bible that set me off the other morning.

I thought about baking a cake called –


NKJV 2 Peter 1:5-7

My ingredients are –

  • Virtue (aka living righteously.)

  • Knowledge (Studying God’s Word.)

  • Self-control (Sort of an invisible suit of armor.)

  • Perseverance (Don’t ever ever ever give up.)

  • Godliness. (Do people see God reflected in me?)

  • Kindness. (No explanation required.)

  • Brotherly love. (We are all one in Christ.)

It will be the most beautiful cake I’ve ever baked!

And then, and then, I will decorate it with a thick coat of love.

I try to bake this cake every day.

And happily, offer to all I meet. Loaded with feel-good calories and guaranteed to make you want more.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. No shame in asking for a second and third helping.


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