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I love vivid colors.

Why then, one could ask, is our house painted white?

Outside and inside.

With white tiles on the floor.

  • Because this is Florida.

  • Because I’m not a homemaker.

  • Because I’ve not an ant’s talent for decorating.

  • Because, unfortunately, I don’t care either.

Give me a garden and I’ll create a paradise.

For us gardeners, we are closer to God in a garden than anywhere else on earth!

But back to my house. It’s white. With a token bright red front door.

But I love color. Especially bright red. As aforementioned front door testifies.

So what did I do?

  • Red pillows!

  • Red covers!

  • Red accent mats!

  • Red towels!

Aargh… I made the Captain promise that should I ever come home again with red towels or accent mats, he’d remind me, gently, of the language I used (sometimes still use) when dealing with red fluff.

Five years of washing and drying and cleaning.

And I still find red fluff in the dryer screen.

And in the vacuum cleaner.

And on the dogs’ paws.

Stay with that thought…………

The other morning I’m kneeling next to my bed.

On a red accent rug.

Resting my elbows on the red duvet.

Reigning in my runaway thoughts.

So many people and stuff that need serious prayer.

I lean hard on the bed.

My red rug starts moving.


I’m no longer supported on my forearms but on my hands.

My knees are way behind me.

And telling me about it.

Echoed by my quads.

Soon I would’ve been face down on the bed.

I look down and stared at red fluff.

Dust bunnies.

Grass and whatever else the dogs left behind.

Looked up.

Cobwebs on the ceiling fan.

With red bits.

I grabbed the bed frame and slithered forward.

Got back into position.

Yay me.

Where’s the lesson in red accent rugs, dust bunnies and slipping?

It’s okay, well, not okay, but inevitable that from time to time I will slip.

I’ll be upright.

Then on my knees, still supported by my arms.

Then my hands.

Finally, face down.

And as I slip I will gather dirt, dust bunnies, all kinds of colored fluff and stuff life left behind.

But that vacuum cleaner aka –

  • Upright Model “Mercy.”

  • Serial Number “Forgiveness.”

Will clean that mess right up.

All I need do is ask and repent.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. May your lives be free of “red fluff.”

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