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And a hugging she did go…

Yup, still at it, going strong and loving every moment.  The best part of hugging is getting one back.

My opening spiel of “I try to hug a stranger a day. May I please hug you?” is more and more often interpreted that I am the one asking for and needing a hug, rather than I’m giving out these freebies.

Whatever.  Yesterday’s remark of “oh honey, do you need a hug? Of course I’ll give you a hug” gave me more pleasure than I deserved.

And then again, there are the truly funny incidents. Come with me…

Marinas are interesting places. It’s either packed with boats, mostly snow bird mariners heading either south, or north as the case may be, or there’s nary a soul to be seen.

Our marina was in one of those “empty phases. Sorely lacking in unsuspecting strangers to waylay.

I took off with the pups for a brisk walk and returned not quite tired enough. Nah, I thought, I need another walk where I can go into “pooch restricted” areas and maybe sit somewhere, meditating on how blessed I am.

Towards the end of this second walk, I was definitely in need of a clean-up. But then, down the road, came this “everything in place” lady. (Right here, right now you can color me envious.)

Well-fitting fawn pants, the perfect length. The cutest Sperry type shoes to match. A white silk blouse, a gaily striped scarf.  The most gorgeous tailored navy blazer with some yacht club emblem on the upper left pocket.

Blond, these gorgeous women are usually blond, not smiling but not not smiling, sort of in between. Not looking happy but not really looking unhappy. Sort of distant and reserved but not unfriendly either.

Aaargh…what was a woman to do. She was the only stranger I’d come across in a few days.

So, ignoring the fact that I was sweaty, dressed in jeans shorts, skimpy tank top, sneakers, I shifted my sunglasses on to me head and said:

“May I ask you a favor?”

She hesitated for a second and in hindsight I realized, judging from my appearance, she probably though I was going to ask for money. I’m sure I looked in dire need.

But finally good manners won out and she said:

“Yes, can I help you?”

I went through my spiel, got my hug (I kept my distance and made it one of those not really touching ones) and as I stepped back, she said:

“People must think you’re strange.”

I just laughed but as I walked away, I thought to myself,

“Lady, you have no idea!”

Everyone out there reading, consider yourself thoroughly cyber hugged.

Blessings and pass it on.

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