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Like many others, I gave up on New Year’s Resolutions many years ago. It doesn’t work; the concept is too huge; how can you decide to do, or not to do something and keep it up for a whole 365 days? Or 366?

Instead I decided on New Day Resolutions. That, I found, I can manage. Let’s start with working out.

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: In 2017 I’m going to the gym three times a week. (No, you won’t. You’re setting yourself up for failure.)

NEW DAY RESOLUTION: I’m going to the gym today. (Know what, chances are 99% sure you will.)

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: I’m not eating any cookies or candy until I’ve lost XYZ pounds. (Hah! You will, says I, the cookie/candy addict.)

NEW DAY RESOLUTION: I won’t eat a cookie or piece of chocolate today. (Easy, it’s only for a day and tomorrow morning you start again – and allow yourself a treat after a couple of days.)

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: This year I won’t lose my temper, gossip, criticize, yell at my kids, succumb to road rage (they can’t

hear your cussing anyway), post inappropriate stuff on Facebook, go into political rants (no-one cares what you think and you’re just driving up your own blood pressure), the list goes on and on and on …..

NEW DAY RESOLUTION: Today I won’t …….read the above. Absolutely doable, especially if you stop to breathe and think before you act.

I’ve walked the walk, talked the talk and fought the fights. So, from the Wisdom of my 73 years, I ask you to make New Day Resolutions. If you fall off the wagon, that’s okay, tomorrow is a New Day. Let yesterday be – the anger, the upsets, the hurt, to each day its own. It’s hard, I know. I’ve been there but leave the baggage behind. Start fresh, you can do it. Baby steps, baby steps. Let me know how you are doing.

With a huge hug to all of you, wherever you are, may every day in 2017 bring, not necessarily what you want, but what is good and right for you. May you be blessed with many P.O.P.P’s.

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