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Have you ever seen a tin of live bait?

Those little critters wriggle and crawl.

  • In every direction.

  • Over each other.

  • Under each other.

  • Around each other.

  • Always moving.

That would be my mind.

I work hard at going inside.

Being still. (Mentally that is.)

And just as I reach that illusive state, well,

One little worm starts wriggling.

And my mind switches into that runaway horse mode.

My wriggling worm and I are “Up Up and away in my Beautiful Balloon.”

Thoughts race and leap.

Like runaway horses.

Pulling that balloon.

It’s a mess.

I think of something. Write down a few words. Start formulating a sentence. Another word in that sentence I’ve created grabs me.

I start a fresh page. A different blog in mind. A few words. A new sentence.

It happens again.

I stop for coffee. Return to my notebook. Find five half-formed ideas on paper.

I learned, the hard way, that when an idea grabs me I must go with it.

Right then.

To the end.

I learned, that if something takes hold of me while knitting or reading at night, NOT to put it on the back burner with the thought –

“I’ll see to it tomorrow”

That thought won’t be there tomorrow. What will be there?

“What was I thinking of last night?”

Brief notes as one writer suggested?

I look at them the next day or a couple of days later and once again –

“What was all that about?”

The lesson, for me at least, is –

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today.”

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.

Put a lid on your tin of wriggling bait and reign in those horses..


Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash


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