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Waiting outside the front door with a message.

  • Welcome.

  • Go Away.

  • Wipe Your Paws.

  • Dogs Welcome.

  • Dogs Live Here.

  • Cats Live here.

  • Mats with flowers.

  • Mats without flowers.

  • Mats that make sounds when you step on them (think Halloween).

  • Mats with spikes to scrape off dirt or mud or snow or doggie doo.  

They come in all shapes and sizes. Round, square, rectangular, octagonal, funky.

Made from anything and everything under the sun.

Moving on.  

  • Bath mats! Non-slip (I dislike those, messy when they get old.)

  • The nice plush ones you find in expensive hotels. Your feet sink in and you want to stand there and wiggle your piggies.

  • Kitchen sink mats. Usually funky and funny.  Supposedly to serve as inspiration to tackle the dirty dishes?

  • Full floor pure wool rugs.

  • Handwoven Turkish souvenirs. Bringing back memories.

But at the end, they’re all trodden on, whether handmade or machine made.

The doormat outside where we wipe our feet.

The bath mat where we dry our feet.

The kitchen sink where we “labor.”

The full floor rug we stand on and walk on.

The holiday souvenir we gingerly step on.

And off went my mind.

Mats, rugs, they “serve” us.

The words of Christ resounded.

Luke 22:27 I” am among you as the One who serves.” NKJV

And serve He did.

  • He taught,

  • He healed,

  • He performed miracles.

  • And finally He served by dying on the Cross.

  • For us and our salvation.

How then can we serve? I read somewhere that America runs on volunteers. Are we doing our bit?

The local animal shelter. Walk the dogs. Clean the cat litter boxes. Play with the kitties. Help with the laundry. Do the Outreach Adoption bit.

The local women’s shelter. Help cook meals, deliver, serve.

Serve the homeless a meal. (Usually done through a church.)

Volunteer at your kids’ school. If you don’t like the way the PTA, or your tennis club, or church committee or anything similar you are part of is run, don’t whine and criticize. Get involved, run for election.


Maybe being part of a large group is not your thing. I do understand.  I’m right up there with you. Heck, I didn’t even like team sports at school.

Then knit, sew, bake, collect, do your bit in other ways.

The poor and needy and helpless are everywhere on every continent in every country.

Whether two-footed or four footed.


Give more than you take, in every way, everywhere.

And as you head for Ash Wednesday and the start of your Lenten journey, rather than give up something, give of yourself.


Until next time, cyber hugs and many blessings.


Photo by John Legrand on Unsplash

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